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How is Zeffy free?
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Charity Events

Not-Your-Average Remote Fundraising Event

August 23, 2022

3 unique remote fundraising event ideas for nonprofits that don’t require a Zoom meeting

Another virtual event? No, thank you! If there’s one thing that we’re all sick of, it’s the virtual fundraising event held over video call.

But, don’t worry; you can still host exciting fundraising events while maintaining your distance. If you want to throw one of the year’s best nonprofit fundraisers while ensuring the safety of your event hosts and guests, then this list of unique alternatives to the Zoom fundraising events was made for you.

#1. Event in a box

Instead of asking supporters to come to an event, bring the event to them! With an event in a box, donors can purchase a box full of supplies to create their own fun night at home with family and friends. For the cost of a donation, you can provide boxes for donors that include kits for a variety of fun activities. Some ideas could include a game box with card, trivia, and board games, a paint-and-sip night box with paint by number kits and drink mixes, or a movie night kit with a gift card to a movie streaming service and movie snacks.

#2. Drive-through games

Have your supporters join you at your organization’s parking lot for drive-through games. There are so many amazing options to choose from, including car bingo, bean bag toss, and more. For the cost of admission, donors can sign up to enter the event and play games from their cars while maintaining a distance. Half of the fun will be the challenge of playing while staying in your own car!

#3. Selfie scavenger hunt

A local selfie scavenger hunt fundraiser is a great way to get supporters involved in your cause without holding a gathering. For the cost of registration, you can provide participants with a list of clues about different local spots. Their mission is to go to each of the spots and take a selfie in front of it, and submit it to one of your event organizers for review (to make sure they went to the right location, of course!). The winner will be the participant who is able to take the most selfies at the greatest number of correct locations first.

Let the fun begin!

Even though most of the world is returning to its pre-pandemic way of operating, it’s still a good idea to have some socially-distanced event ideas in your back pocket. As you can see, events at a distance can be fun, too! Just don’t forget to check the safety measures in your local area before planning and hosting a fundraising event.