How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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11 Best Online Fundraising Platforms (free & paid) in 2024

December 11, 2023

11 best fundraising platforms for nonprofits

Zeffy - The best free fundraising platform for nonprofits (100% free!)

Handbid - The best fundraising platform for auctions

Bonfire - The best fundraising platform for custom apparel fundraising

Double the Donation - The best fundraising platform for matching gifts

Tiltify - The best fundraising platform for livestream fundraising

GIvebutter - The best  fundraising platform for social fundraising

GoFundMe - The best fundraising platform for crowdfunding 

99Pledges - The best fundraising platform for schools 

Silent Auction Pro - The best fundraising platform for customer service 

Eventbrite - The best fundraising platform for events and ticketing 

Soapbox Engage - The best fundraising platform for Salesforce integrations

What makes the best fundraising platform?

Top features to consider when choosing an online fundraising platform

Every nonprofit’s goals, mission, budget, and resources are different. However, there are a few essential elements that every nonprofit should have in their fundraising platform in order to make the most impact possible.

  • Ease of use: A user-friendly interface ensures that both nonprofit staff and donors can navigate the platform easily. This encourages donations, better P2P fundraising, and more.

  • Online donation processing: The platform should support online donations, allowing supporters to make contributions easily and securely through various payment methods.

  • Mobile responsiveness: In the past year, mobile giving donations have increased by 205%. That means your chosen platform should provide a seamless and responsive experience on smartphones and tablets.

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising: America’s top peer-to-peer fundraising programs raised $1.05 billion in 2022. To avoid missing out on some enormous revenue, your platform should allow for custom team and individual fundraising.

  • Donor management: Effective donor management tools help nonprofits keep track of donor information, communication preferences, and giving history.

  • Customization options: The ability to customize donation forms, campaign pages, and communications helps nonprofits maintain a consistent brand identity and meet specific campaign needs.

  • Event management: For nonprofits organizing events, features such as online event registration, ticketing, and participant management are essential for streamlined event planning.

  • Recurring donations: Recurring gifts made up 15.4% of the annual revenue for organizations in 2021. The option for supporters to set up recurring donations provides a steady and predictable source of income for nonprofits.

  • Analytics and reporting: Robust analytics and reporting tools allow nonprofits to track campaign performance, measure success, and make data-driven decisions for future fundraising efforts.

  • Security and compliance: The platform should prioritize security to protect donor information and adhere to relevant regulations and compliance standards.

  • Customer support: Responsive and knowledgeable customer support is crucial for troubleshooting issues and ensuring a smooth experience for both nonprofits and donors.

  • Cost: Understanding the platform's fee structure, including transaction fees and subscription costs, is essential for budget planning and maximizing the impact of donations. Consider using a free donation platform for nonprofits—like Zeffy— in order to make the most impact.

How much does a fundraising platform cost?

Illustration of an user looking at the cost of different fundraising platforms

Every fundraising platform’s fee and pricing structure is different. When choosing the best fit for your nonprofits, be sure to check out what they charge. 

Some platforms charge: 

  • Subscription or usage fees: Some fundraising platforms operate on a subscription model, where nonprofits pay a regular platform fee for access to the platform's features (often in the form of annual or monthly fees). Others may charge based on the volume or value of transactions.
  • Payment processing fees: In addition to the platform fees, payment processing fees may be charged by payment gateways (e.g., credit card processors) for handling transactions.
  • Customization or premium features: Some fundraising platforms offer premium features or enhanced customization options that may come with an additional cost.
  • Training and support costs: While many online fundraising platforms offer basic support, some may provide additional training or premium support services for an extra cost. These organizations may charge setup fees or other onboarding fees.
  • Integration costs: If a nonprofit requires integrations with other tools or systems (e.g., CRM software), there may be additional costs associated with setting up and maintaining these integrations.
  • Platform switching costs: If a nonprofit decides to switch to a different fundraising platform, there may be costs associated with migrating data, reconfiguring campaigns, and adapting to the new system.
Review process
All of our Zeffy comparison articles and roundups are written by real experts in the nonprofit industry. Using G2, Capterra, and other reputable and credible software sites, our team hand-selects dozens of apps to compare to help you find the best fit for your organization. 

Because we know Zeffy is one of the best free fundraising software solutions out there, we’re not afraid to offer objective, truthful reviews of our competitors.  

4 benefits of online fundraising platforms

Diverse fundraising tools

Online platforms offer a variety of fundraising tools and features, and often cater to different fundraising strategies

These may include customizable donation forms and donation tracking, peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities, event management tools, and social media integration. This diversity allows organizations to choose and implement the methods that align best with their goals and target audience.


Zeffy fundraising platform streamlines the process of online donations

Donation platforms streamline the fundraising process, making it more efficient and cost-effective for both organizations and donors. These platforms automate tasks such as donation processing, receipt generation, and communication, reducing the administrative burden on nonprofits. 

Engagement and communication 

Online fundraising platforms lets you communicate easily with organizations and donors

Online fundraising platforms facilitate direct and immediate communication between organizations and donors. Through email updates, social media integrations, and personalized messages, nonprofits can engage with donors, share success stories, and express gratitude.

Impact assessment 

Detailed analytics on a fundraising platform

By leveraging detailed analytics, nonprofits can track the performance of individual campaigns, identify trends, and gain a comprehensive understanding of donor behavior over time. This information allows for the segmentation of donors, enabling more personalized communication and targeted fundraising strategies. 

Additionally, online donation platforms aid in measuring the return on investment for each campaign, providing essential information for evaluating the financial efficiency of fundraising strategies and making adjustments as needed. 

The best fundraising platforms at a glance

Fundraising platform Best for Highlight feature Pricing


The best free fundraising platform for nonprofit 

100% free (no platform fee - no transaction fee) 

100% free (no platform fee - no transaction fee) 


The best fundraising platform for auctions

QR code generation 

Custom quote required, processing fees up to 3.5% + $0.30


The best fundraising platform for custom apparel fundraising

Peer-to-peer t-shirt fundraisers

Up to 8% to 3.5% in processing fees

Double the Donation

The best fundraising platform for matching gifts


$999/year - $30,000/year 


The best fundraising platform for livestream fundraising

Donor rewards

>5%, and PPGF fees


The best fundraising platform for social fundraising

Supporter feeds

Up to of 2.9% + $0.30 in processing fees


The best fundraising platform for crowdfunding

Social media sharing 

Up to 2.9% + $0.30 in transaction fees


The best fundraising platform for schools

Easy set up

Up to 2.9% + $0.30 in transaction fees

Silent Auction Pro

The best fundraising platform for customer service

Fund-in-Need donations

$449-$899/year + 2.0% of event proceeds. Credit card processing fees are a flat 2.9% with no per transaction fees.


The best fundraising platform for event and ticket sales

Eventbrite organizer app

$0-$29/month, 3.7% + $1.79 per sold ticket,, up to 2.9% of the total order in payment processing fees

Soapbox Engage 

The best fundraising platform for Salesforce integrations

Unlimited events 

$59/month - $199/month

The best free fundraising platform for nonprofits


Screenshot of Zeffy website

Zeffy is a 100% free online fundraising platform—built by change-makers, for change-makers. Unlike other fundraising software, Zeffy is a true all-in-one solution that offers a full suite of tools. From event ticketing to membership management, Zeffy is the only platform that helps you raise money and reach your fundraising goals—without taking a cent of your donations.  


  • Raffle management 
  • Completely free platform (plus no payment processing fee)
  • Customizable donation pages
  • Peer-to-peer campaign management
  • Donor data and management
  • Tap to pay
  • E-commerce tools/online store for nonprofits
  • Membership management
  • 100% free
  • Unlimited customer service
  • Top-rated security
  • Accept multiple payment methods (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.)
  • Accept various donation amounts in just a few clicks
  • Event registration features
Zeffy lets you raise money for your cause for free


  • Only available for registered nonprofits in the US and Canada

Pricing & fees: 100% free (no platform fee - no transaction fee)

While every other platform takes fees away from your mission, Zeffy delivers 100% of it to your nonprofit.

Here’s how it works: When someone makes a donation on your fundraising form, they have the option (but are never obliged) to give to Zeffy. Not everyone gives every time and that's okay. Enough donors leave a contribution to cover overhead AND fees.

Nonprofits paid $3 billion in transaction fees last year. Zeffy is ending this with zero fees. 
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Best fundraising platform for auctions 


Handbid supports mobile bidding and auctions

Handbid simplifies the silent auction process with a user-friendly mobile app, allowing participants to bid remotely, track auction items, and receive instant notifications. Ideal for fundraising events, Handbid enhances the auction experience by bringing efficiency and engagement to both organizers and attendees.


  • Mobile bidding
  • Customizable pages
  • Easy checkout
  • Integrations
  • Bid notifications and alerts
  • Real-time reporting and analytics 


  • Limited non-event features 
  • Unclear pricing 

Pricing & fees: Custom quote required, processing fees up to 3.5% + $0.30

The best fundraising platform for custom apparel fundraising


Bonfire is the best fundraising platform for selling custom apparel

Bonfire is a user-friendly t-shirt fundraising platform for creating and selling custom apparel to support fundraising campaigns. Nonprofits and individuals can design and sell custom shirts, hoodies, and other merchandise, with Bonfire handling the production, shipping, and order management. It's a hassle-free way to turn creative designs into tangible fundraising products.


  • No upfront costs 
  • Easy campaign setup and launch 
  • Individual and nonprofit t-shirt selling
  • Global shipping
  • Social media integrations


  • Merchandise limitations (t-shirts only)
  • Limited campaign duration
  • No tools for managing donor relationships
  • Only suitable for specific charitable organizations

Pricing & fees: Up to 8% to 3.5% in processing fees

The best fundraising platform for matching gifts

Double the donation

Double the donation website

Double the Donation is a nonprofit fundraising platform that empowers nonprofits to maximize their fundraising potential by providing a comprehensive database of corporate matching gift programs. By integrating this tool, organizations can inform donors about matching opportunities, potentially doubling the impact of their contributions.


  • Easy integrations
  • Customizable widgets
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Robust knowledge/help center
  • Automated emails
  • Autosubmission


  • Price

Pricing & fees: $999/year - $30,000/year

The best fundraising platform for livestream fundraising


Tiltify website for fundraising with friends

Tiltify is a fundraising platform for nonprofits that specializes in charitable livestream and virtual fundraising, allowing content creators and gamers to raise funds while streaming on platforms like Twitch. With interactive features, Tiltify turns fundraising into an engaging and collaborative experience, enabling supporters to contribute and participate in real time.


  • Donation alerts
  • Interactive livestream elements
  • Global audience
  • Easy integrations
  • Team fundraising
  • Incentives and reports for donors
  • Leader in digital fundraising
  • Easy to launch a fundraising campaign


  • PPGF fees
  • Learning curve 
  • Limited offline fundraising

Pricing & fees: >5%, and PayPal Giving Fund fees

The best fundraising platform for social fundraising 


Givebutter website for raising money for nonprofits

Givebutter is a social and comprehensive fundraising platform that caters to the next generation of donors with tons of online giving tools. It offers a range of fundraising tools to get donations, including customizable donation forms, event ticketing, and peer-to-peer fundraising. With a sleek design and emphasis on user experience, Givebutter injects a sense of fun and community into the fundraising process.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Great customer service
  • Peer-to-peer gamification tools 
  • Donor management
  • Live, hybrid, and in-person fundraising event 
  • Auctions
  • Custom donation page creation
  • Simplified donation process


  • Processing fees
  • Learning curve for more advanced features

Pricing & fees: Up to 2.9% + $0.30 in processing fees

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to Givebutter →

The best fundraising platform for crowdfunding campaigns


Gofundme: a popular platform

One of the leading fundraising platforms, GoFundMe is a popular crowdfunding platform that allows individuals and organizations to raise funds for personal, medical, educational, or charitable causes. With a user-friendly interface and social sharing features, GoFundMe makes it easy for campaigners to tell their stories and garner support from a wide audience.


  • Global audience 
  • Social media integration
  • User-friendly interface 


  • Payment processing time
  • Customization
  • Limited customer support
  • Transaction fees

 Pricing & fees: Up to 2.9% + $0.30 in transaction fees

Compare Zeffy (100% free) to GoFundMe →

The best online fundraising platform for schools

99 pledges makes fundraising for schools simple


99Pledges is a specialized fundraising platform designed to simplify and enhance pledge-based campaigns for schools, sports teams, and youth-focused organizations. The platform streamlines the process of organizing events such as jog-a-thons, read-a-thons, and other activities where participants gather pledges for their efforts.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising capabilities
  • Social media integrations
  • Custom donation forms


  • Transaction fees
  • Limited fundraising features outside of P2P

Pricing & fees: Up to 2.9% + $0.30 in transaction fees

→ Check out our guide on the best fundraising platforms for schools if you want to learn more.

The best fundraising platform for customer service 

Silent Auction Pro

Our favorite pick for Silent auctions: Silent Auction Pro

Silent Auction Pro, a comprehensive auction software platform, streamlines the management of silent auctions for nonprofits and organizations. One of the top online fundraising platforms for auctions, it offers online fundraising tools such as online bidding, customizable auction catalogs, and automated checkout, enhancing the efficiency and success of silent auction events.


  • Customer service 
  • Item tracking
  • Bidder management
  • Customizable bid sheets and displays
  • Mobile bidding


  • Cost
  • Limited features outside of auction management

Pricing & fees: $449-$899/year + 2.0% of event proceeds. Credit card processing fees are a flat 2.9% with no per transaction fees.

The best fundraising platform for events and ticketing


Eventbrite website screenshot for event ticketing

Eventbrite is a versatile event management platform that facilitates the creation, promotion, and ticketing of events. While not exclusively a fundraising platform, Eventbrite's robust tools are often utilized by nonprofits for organizing and promoting fundraising events, including galas, conferences, and charity runs.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatile event types
  • Attendee communication
  • Integrated ticket and payment processing


  • Price
  • Limited customization
  • Learning curve

Pricing & fees: $0-$29/month, 3.7% + $1.79 per sold ticket, and up to 2.9% of the total order in payment processing fees

Check out these alternatives to Eventbrite for nonprofits or compare Zeffy (100% free) to Eventbrite.

The best fundraising platform for Salesforce integration

Soapbox Engage

Soapbox engage for fundraising

Soapbox Engage is a suite of Salesforce-based applications designed for nonprofits to streamline their fundraising and engagement efforts. From online donation forms to peer-to-peer fundraising, Soapbox Engage provides a range of tools to empower nonprofits in their mission-driven initiatives.


  • Salesforce integration
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising
  • Event registration forms
  • Responsible design
  • Donor management


  • Learning curve 
  • Pricing
  • Learning curve 
  • Limited for non-Salesforce users

Pricing & fees: $59/month - $199/month 

What is the best donation platform that has zero fees?

Zeffy is the only zero-fee fundraising platform for nonprofits. 

While every other platform takes a portion of donations in fees, Zeffy gives 100% of all donations directly to nonprofits. Donors can be reassured that the entirety of their gift is going straight to the cause.

While some fundraising software solutions have low fees, they can add up quite quickly. In fact, last year, nonprofit organizations paid around $3 billion dollars in credit card and transaction fees. To put that into perspective, that is enough to feed 1.4 million children for a year,  plant 60 million trees, or build 20,000 homes.

At Zeffy, we’re trying to end these fees, so the money is going directly to every nonprofit's mission.

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How FBQ saved $16,000 by switching to  Zeffy—the only 100% free fundraising platform  

FBQ saved $16,000 in transaction fees using Zeffy's free fundraising platform

Food Banks of Quebec, a network of 32 direct members across Quebec, serve more than 1,200 affiliated local community organizations for food aid each month.

Before discovering Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) in 2020, FBQ used a custom solution to process online donations. Although the system was outdated, FBQ did not rely too heavily on online donations. However, since the pandemic, the need to easily collect online donations has become an urgent priority.

"It's a great advantage to have a form integrated into your website,” says Véronique. “I think it's extremely important to minimize the number of clicks to get to the donation, because I don't want to lose my donors along the way!"

Thanks to Zeffy, FBQ saved almost $16,000 in transaction fees. $16,000 more to help provide food aid to people in vulnerable situations.

Read the full case study →

Which online fundraising platform should you use?

Zeffy's online donation form feature

When it comes to fundraising platforms, there is a lot to choose from. Each offers different pros and cons—and some are even more specialized than others. 

Unlike most platforms, Zeffy is the only completely free fundraising platform for nonprofits—no transaction fees, subscription fees, or monthly payments. Simple to use with unlimited, free customer support plus a whole host of features like peer-to-peer campaigns, membership management, and free online donation platform, Zeffy makes sure that all of your money goes right to your charity, and not a cent disappears.

Join the 10,000+ nonprofits that use and trust Zeffy every single day.

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