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How is Zeffy free?
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8 best Eventbrite alternatives. (Free and paid.)

October 27, 2023

Eventbrite is the go to ticketing platform for everyone and anyone looking to sell tickets to their events online. But, the number of organizations that reach out to Zeffy looking for an alternative to Eventbrite got us wondering if Eventbrite really is the best option out there.

Sure, Eventbrite is a no brainer: it’s big, people know what it is, and it’s an obvious first choice if you don’t know that alternatives to Eventbrite exist. But, once you know that there are less expensive, easier to use, friendlier options out there, well, you might find that an Eventbrite competitor better suits your needs (and saves you money).

Since we started Zeffy, we’ve gotten to know a few alternatives to Eventbrite. The organizations that use our platform share their favourites with us and we’ve done our own research (competitor analysis) to come up with a list of Eventbrite alternatives. In this article, we’re going to explore 8 of them and do a deeper dive into the pricing and features of each one.

The best Eventbrite alternatives: a TL;DR:

Why do you need an eventbrite alternative?

Honestly, you might not need an alternative to Eventbrite. But, if you’re looking for more flexibiilty, to save money, host a webinar, explore various forms, or up your brand presence, you might just benefit from giving an Eventbrite competitor a try.

What makes the best Eventbrite alternative?

The best Eventbrite alternative really depends on the needs of your organization. Before choosing Eventbrite as your default ticketing platform, consider your budget, the size of your event, and the type of event you are hosting.

Eventbrite is a great no-brainer. But, there are less expensive, easier to use, and more brand-friendly options out there.

Top Eventbrite competitors you should consider:

Responsive Table
Eventbrite alternative Great if… What sets it apart Pricing
Zeffy You’re a nonprofit looking for a free ticketing and event management platform that can support your fundraising efforts from start to finish. It’s amazingly helpful Customer Success team and zero-fee model. 100% free and always will be. (Zeffy even covers third-party credit-card transaction fees.)
Ticketspice You’re on a tight budget and need an event management platform without any hidden fees. It’s surprise-free, transparent pricing. 99¢ per attendee + 2.99% credit card processing. For tickets under $5: 49¢ per ticket + 2.99% credit card processing.
Whova You’re a larger organization looking to offer participants a way to interact and connect during your events. Whova’s app encourages attendees to participate in your event and it’s technology has been developed to save you time and deliver trackable results. Whova’s pricing is not transparent. You need to request a personalized quote.
Splash You’re an event planner (or host a lot of events). Their user-friendly templates are design-forward and built to showoff your brand. Splash is a modern platform in every sense of the term: powerful forms, beautiful design, plenty of resources to help you learn—it’s an event management platform for people who love planning events. Free option: $0—but limited in terms of features and number of attendees.  Pro: pricing available upon request. Enterprise: pricing available upon request.
Wild Apricot Your nonprofit needs to manage memberships and event registration. Wild Apricot’s drag and drop website builder can help nonprofits get up and running online. Wild Apricot’s pricing is based on the number of members your nonprofit has. So, it’s monthly fees range from $60 per month for 100 members to $900 per month for 50,000 members. + 2.9% + $.30 per credit-card transaction.
GoTo You host, manage registrations, and promote a webinars, live streams, and other virtual events. GoTo was designed with the realities of hosting online webinars and events in mind and have specialized solutions for a variety of fields and online-event tpyes. GoTo’s pricing depends on the product(s) you need, but their webinar-specific tools cost:
Lite: $79 for 250 participants.
Standard: $159 for 500 participants.
Pro: $309 for 1,000 participants.
Enterprise: $649 for up to 3,000 participants.
RegFox You’re on a budget and need to save money wherever you can. RegFox is loved by users for its simplicity and affordability. $4.99 per transaction OR $0.99 cents + 1% per paid attendee. + 2.99% per credit card transaction. (Regfox charges whichever is lower.)
Jotform You’re looking for an innovative ticketing and event management platform that prides itself on simplicity and innovation. Jotform has attentive support and a huge variety of forms and templates to make sure you find one that fits the needs of your event. Starter: $0 with limited features and participants.
Bronze: $39/month for 25 forms and 1,000 participants.
Silver: $49/month for 50 forms and 2,500 participants.
Gold: $129/month for 100 forms and 10,000 participants. Enterprise: Upon request

1. Zeffy: A free Eventbrite alternative for nonprofits does exist

We know what you’re thinking: A free Eventbrite alternative? Like, actually free? With no limitations? No hidden fees? No way. There’s gotta be a catch.

We understand your skepticism. Most alternatives to Eventbrite claim to be free, but end up charging hidden fees (like credit card transaction fees) to access all of their products and tools. Zeffy is actually free. How? Zeffy is funded through voluntary contributions. When donors give using the Zeffy platform they can choose to give an additional contribution. Not every donor gives every time and that's okay. Collectively, we make it work.

We’re not saying there aren’t other great Eventbrite alternatives for nonprofits out there, but Zeffy is the only ticketing and event management platform that is 100% free for nonprofits.

Heard enough? Sign up for one of our weekly demos and get to know us a little better.

Screenshot of zeffy event ticketing solution

What Zeffy does well:

What Zeffy is working to improve:

2. Ticketspice: A transparent alternative to Eventbrite

When it comes to Eventbrite alternatives for nonprofits there aren’t a ton that can claim to be built on transparency. Ticketspice is different.

Ticketspice screenshot for selling tickets for a non profit organization

What Ticketspice does well:

What Ticketspice doesn’t do super well:

3. Whova: An Eventbrite alternative that specialises in attendee participation.

Whova has an impressive roster of organizations that trust it to help them deliver an unforgettable event experience.

Whova features screenshot

What Whova does well:

What Whova doesn’t do super well:

4. Splash: An Eventbrite competitor that makes you look good.

Splash is an event registration and marketing platform that can help manage your events—offline or online.

Few screenshots of splash's product for event ticketing

What Splash does well:

What Splash doesn’t do super well:

5. Wild Apricot: An event platform like Eventbrite, but with a focus on membership.

Wild Apricot is first and foremost a donor membership software. So, even though they have event management features, they aren’t quite as complete or user friendly as some of the other Eventbrite alternatives we’ve mentioned.

Wil apricot main features for organizing an event

What Wild Apricot does well:

What Wild Apricot doesn’t do super well:

6. GoTo Webinar: An Eventbrite competitor that specializes in virtual events.

GoTo Webinar is a huge online event and communication company that specializes in webinar planning and hosting software.

goto webinar screenshot for managing virtual events

What GoTo Webinar does well:

What GoTo Webinar doesn’t do super well:

7. RegFox: The alternative to Eventbrite with upfront, transparent pricing.

RegFox has become known for its affordable, powerful event registration software. Like Zeffy, it is consistently rated highly by the organizations that use it.

regfox's solution for event ticketing and scanning

What RegFox does well:

What RegFox doesn’t do super well:

8. Jotform: The Eventbrite alternative that uses their profits for good.

Jotform is a great “out-of-the-box solution” and prides itself on being incredibly easy to use and integrate into your existing business platforms and apps.

Screenshot of jotform app

What Jotform does well:

What Jotform doesn’t do super well:

A few other Eventbrite alternatives.

If the above list doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are always the other Eventbrite competitors:

Which Eventbrite alternative should you use?

Eventbrite is a huge event management company with relatively high platform and transaction fees and that means it’s easy to find alternatives that will save your nonprofit a lot of money.

But, there are other things to consider as well: the current and future needs of your nonprofit, the kind of events you host, and even your nonprofit’s mission.

We think Zeffy checks all the boxes, but we understand we’re not for everyone. So, we encourage you to compare as many sites as you can before you make your decision. But, if you’re decision is made (and you’re a nonprofit), you can sign up for Zeffy for free right now.

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