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Webinar - Event planning Q&A with Ally R. Potel from FlyBerry Events.

June 15, 2023

Saying that hosting a charity fundraising event is a good idea and actually knowing how to host one are two very different things.

We can say that, at Zeffy, we know how to run a free fundraising platform with event management and online ticketing, but we definitely can’t claim to know how to host a charity event. That’s where Ally R. Potel comes in.

In this webinar, we invited Ally R. Potel (who you met in our interview: How to throw successful fundraising events with professional event planner Ally R. Potel.) to answer a few of our burning questions and take a few questions from our nonprofit organizations.

We’ve broken down the webinar into sections for you, or you can watch the whole thing—we definitely think it’s worth a watch! Tanya and Ally answer quite a few questions from: What factors do you consider for setting the time-frame? to What are some things people typically underestimate and overestimate the cost of?

And, if you’d like to learn more about event planning for nonprofits, we’ve written a few other articles to help you out:

Okay, let’s start with a few questions on the logistics of planning and budgeting a fundraising event.

How much time do you account, on average, for planning an event and what are the factors when you’re considering a timeline?

How far in advance do you book a venue? A caterer/restaurant?

What are the main factors to consider to accurately plan a budget? (Keeping the overhead realities of nonprofits in mind?)

How do you determine the size of the team you need for a charity event to run smoothly?

How do you help the nonprofits you work with prepare for the unexpected?

What are some event planning tools for nonprofits that you recommend?

Let’s move onto some questions about the creative process for planning a fundraising event.

How would you describe your creative process when it comes to planning an event for a nonprofit?

What are your top dos and don’ts of event planning for nonprofits?

Up next: a few questions about how nonprofits can get ideas and inspiration.

What are some fun ways to highlight sponsors or big donors at an event?

What are some ways to get people to interact with the organization’s mission throughout the event?

How do you create unique content to advertise your nonprofit’s event? How often should you post? What should you post?

What are some sure-fire crowd pleaser elements of an event?

What type of event would you plan for the following charities? (A live brainstorm!)

And some questions from the audience:

Watch the full Q&A on how to host a fundraising event with Ally R. Potel.

Meet Tanya!

Hi there!

My name is Tanya and I'm a Customer Success Manager here at Zeffy. My favourite part about my job is getting to connect with our passionate and dedicated members of the many incredible organisations that use our platform. Whether it is through our support channels or in the webinars, I love helping them with their fundraising initiatives in any way I can to help further their missions and their impact.

Thank you Ally!

As always, working with Ally R. Potel was a delight! If you’d like to check out FlyBerry Events or get in touch with Ally, you can reach her here:

Flyberry's website. Instagram. Tik Tok.

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