How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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CMHA Vancouver-Fraser Saves on Fees Daily Using Zeffy for Donations, Ticketing, and Donor Management

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When looking for a new solution, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser knew it needed an online donation platform to enable 100% of contributions toward its mission. CMHA Vancouver-Fraser now saved over $3,000 on fees using Zeffy for Donations, Ticketing, and Donor Management.




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Emily Engott


October 18, 2022



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Zeffy’s zero-fee online platform helps CMHA Vancouver-Fraser make mental healthcare accessible.


The Canadian Mental Health Association, Vancouver-Fraser, is one of the more extensive CMHA network branches. Founded in 1918, CMHA focuses on providing education and services to Canadians affected by mental illness and directly contributes to their communities' long-term health and well-being. 

As an agency, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser presently serves the Greater Vancouver Region. It provides mental health promotion and mental illness recovery-focused programs and services for people of all ages and their families. You can read more about the organization’s impact by checking out its 2021-2022 Impact Report.


In order to maintain its programs and services, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser relies on donations, corporate partnerships, community events, foundation grants, government support and bequests. With human and financial resources being stretched thin, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser needs to maximize the impact of each donation. Therefore, when looking for a new solution, the organization knew it needed an online donation platform to enable 100 percent of contributions toward its mission.

Before using Zeffy, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser’s online donation, ticketing, and donor management systems were split between three platforms. The organization wanted to simplify its administrative work to stay organized, centralize data, and easily generate tax receipts and other documents. 


Since switching to Zeffy, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser has combined its donation, ticketing and donor management platforms in one convenient, zero-fee location. The organization doesn’t often host its own events, but when it does, it leverages Zeffy to generate individual and group tickets. Additionally, it recommends Zeffy to third-party partners that fundraise in support of CMHA Vancouver-Fraser.

CMHA Vancouver-Fraser also uses Zeffy for donations, which enables the organization to maximize each donor dollar to pay for services provided in the community. For instance, it costs $2,500 for one student to go through the Here4Peers program; thus, every dollar counts. For its donor management needs, CMHA Vancouver-Fraser can easily integrate its data with Salesforce to simplify its administrative labor. 


For Penaaz Sidhu, Manager of Fundraising and Communications at CMHA, Vancouver-Fraser Zeffy has been instrumental in saving the organization time and money.

“Zeffy is incredibly easy to use,” she said. “We have a lot of operational constraints that make it difficult for us to learn new platforms, and Zeffy has proven to be very intuitive. Plus, it’s free, which makes a huge difference in providing mental health education and resources to our community.”

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