How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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JEVI saved $9,592 in fees on nearly $200,000 raised with Zeffy

Case study

We are going to be following Isa Abraham, a committed organizer and self-financer of JEVI. This Eastern Township organization aims at suicide prevention and a promotion of overall wellness. They carry out their mission through both direct intervention and by training people to intervene in crisis situations.




saved on fees

François de Kerret


November 3, 2021



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A need for an easy online payment option

JEVI initially discovered Zeffy (formerly Simplyk) while looking for a way to sell tickets to a crisis intervention training. Until then, the organization only accepted payment by cash or cheque for the events. It became apparent that this was problematic on two levels. First, it was becoming increasingly inconvenient for their donors, many of whom requested online payment options. Secondly, it also meant more work for their accounting team, as checks often require more management.

When I had a need not yet met by the platform, Zeffy’s response satisfied me every time. For example, I had a specific need to receive both donations and registrations from registrants for a fundraising campaign. Zeffy came up with a short-term solution that managed to keep the process simple for participants. The functionality arrived a few months later. They really listen to the needs of organizations!

Other options were not a fit or too expensive

Before making their decision, Isa and her team shopped around for other options. They looked at CanadaHelps, but found their ticketing unsuitable for the training programs they host. Additionally, the fees charged on each transaction meant less money going to their organization. Isa also contacted their representative at Desjardins bank to discuss the possibility of using them as an official service provider. In addition to being costly, this solution simply did not provide the easy-to-use payment option they were looking for. 

A new hope

What appealed most to JEVI about Zeffy was the fact that the platform contains both  professional ticketing and donations tools. “Things just clicked right away with our account manager, François,” Isa adds, much to the author’s pride. 

The implementation of Zeffy went very well, Isa remembers. Not only was it an easy switch to make, but her account manager was there to assist her along the way.

Almost 10 000$ more thanks to Zeffy (formerly Simplyk)

In total, Isa and her team have created just shy of 75 forms with Zeffy. That may seem like a lot of work, but it was never a concern for Isa and her team. Zeffy’s tools are meant to cut down on admin time, which means forms can be created or edited in just a few minutes.  

To date, Zeffy has helped JEVI save $9,592 in fees on nearly $200,000 raised!

“I love that all the money we raise goes directly to our mission,"

Isa concludes. When I ask her what she likes most, Isa told me,

“we save a lot, but more than anything it’s the team at Zeffy who makes the difference. They really listen to the organizations.”

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