How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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October 18, 2021
3 min to read

SPCALL saved $7,000 in transaction fees using Zeffy's fundraising platform

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Stéphanie Pelland

SPCALL's Mission

Their animal service serves a vast territory of 14 municipalities, all located on the north shore of Montreal. The SPCALL is also responsible for the application of animal welfare provincial laws in four Quebec MRCs. They also take care of animals in need and prepare over two thousands cats and dogs for adoption every year.

saved with Zeffy

Challenges before switching to Zeffy

A need for updating their online presence. Corinne has been working with Zeffy since 2019, when the SPCALL was reviewing their online presence. They were looking to improve the online experience for customers, while reducing the administrative burden on their employees. 

“At the time, all of our online transactions were handled by Paypal- donations and licensing for cats and dogs. Using Paypal was becoming less attractive because our online transaction volume was steadily increasing, approaching 10,000 transactions annually. ” 

Since the SPCALL is part of the Quebec association of SPA and SPCA, it was natural for Corinne to look for other SPA and SPCA input. She wanted their advice to find the best partner to design their new website and replace Paypal with a more suitable solution. 

“On the online payment side, we wanted a solution that would simplify income reconciliation, support the issue of tax receipts and facilitate the transfer of funds to our bank account.”

The 100% free solution

The SPCA Côte-Nord recommended their web developer and Zeffy to them. SPCALL also added Cyberimpact to their tool stack to constitute what will become the superpower suite as Corinne likes to call it.  

“Basically, we send our campaigns with Cyberimpact, which allows us to solicit and keep in touch with our donors. Our campaigns link to the Zeffy forms, which are easy for everyone to fill out. We were lucky that online donations were possible, because with the pandemic, it gave us a big helping hand ” 

Due to the pandemic, purchases and renewals of cat and dog licenses could only be done by mail, phone or online. Even then, processing the purchases by phone and mail requires more administrative work, which increases the load on staff. 

At first, migrating these forms online seemed complex, as they need to gather a lot of information about the cats and dogs to complete registration, while still being understandable to the pet owner. 

“The team at Zeffy helped us a lot in designing these forms. This allowed us, despite the fact that we have very few employees dedicated to administrative tasks, to put everything online quickly. ”

Today, the SPCALL manages the creation of its forms from A to Z, whether it is to collect donations online, or to register cats and dogs.

 “The Zeffy platform is so simple that when there are changes to be made, I ask a colleague and she can do them in five minutes, even if she has never touched the tool before.”  

 They can also launch a donation campaign with just a few clicks and Zeffy takes care of the paperwork, including sending out charity receipts.

Features used


Make giving easy with customizable forms.

Offer your website visitors an efficient and intuitive way to give to your cause.

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Peer-to-peer campaigns

Help your community fundraise for you.

Make it easy for your community to participate in your fundraising efforts.

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Sell and manage tickets to your events.

Sell more tickets for your next fundraising event with frictionless ticketing forms.

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Open an online store for your nonprofit.

Diversify your fundraising by opening on online store for your nonprofit.

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Raffles & Lotteries

Host a raffle at your next event.

Easily launch a raffle with our numbered ticketing options.

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Gather and monitor bids for your items, no fees attached.

Diversify your fundraising by inviting your donors to bid on items.

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Turn your supporters into members

Make it easy for your supporters to register as a member to your cause.

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Donor management

Manage and engage your donors.

Diversify your fundraising by inviting your donEngage with the right donors at the right time with seamless donor management.ors to bid on items.

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Convincing results

With nearly 65,000 transactions processed and all costs are covered by Zeffy, SPCALL has already saved nearly $ 7,000! Since they now have the right tools to activate their campaigns, they are raising thousands of dollars more than their previous tools.

 “With Paypal, we would never have seen this money, it was a very passive way of collecting donations.” 

At the end of this year, they will integrate Zeffy into their database, in order to centralize all the information on their donors. “It's a big job, we're going little by little, but in the end, we'll be even better equipped to better reach our donors online. That will make us even more effective!”

SPCALL saved $7,000 in transaction fees using Zeffy's fundraising platform

Case study

Today I am meeting with Corinne Gonzalez, general director of the SPCA Laurentide-Labelle (SPCALL). She manages a team of about twenty people, most of them work on the field, either at the shelter, at the veterinary clinic, or on the road.




saved on fees

Stéphanie Pelland


October 18, 2021



min read

With Paypal, we would never have seen this money, it was a very passive way of collecting donations.

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