How is Zeffy free?
How is Zeffy free?
Zeffy relies entirely on optional contributions from donors. At the payment confirmation step - we ask donors to leave an optional contribution to Zeffy.
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As one of Zeffy’s first clients, the University of Ottawa has a lot to say about us.

Case study

The University of Ottawa’s Annual Campaign department is responsible for raising over $2.5 million every year. They use Zeffy for their more social-oriented and student-run fundraising events: peer-to-peer campaigns, donation campaigns, and donation forms. (The fees UOttawa saved were calculated with a 5% average fee—platform and credit card transaction fees combined.)




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David Purkis


December 18, 2023



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The University of Ottawa’s Annual Campaign department helps promote and secure financial support for scholarships, research initiatives, and infrastructure projects. Their strategic fundraising campaigns play an important role in the effective stewardship of the University of Ottawa (UOttawa).

The background:

The University of Ottawa’s Annual Campaign department has been using Zeffy since 2021 for their GivingTuesday campaign.

Since then, they have raised more than $200,000 through more 30 campaigns including: peer-to-peer campaigns, donation campaigns, and donation forms.

The challenge:

The UOttawa’s annual campaign raises $2.5M every year and has recently committed to growing that revenue by 10% per year ($250,000) until it reaches $4M in 2025 through their Re-imagine Campaign.

This ambitious goal makes it even more important for UOttawa to ensure all contributions make a lasting impact on the university's mission and its community.

The solution:

UOttawa started to use Zeffy as crowdfunding platform to help them fundraise money on social media. Before Zeffy, they were primarily using Eventbrite for their fundraising events. But, because UOttawa’s fundraising activities typically involve mass solicitation rather than individual events, Eventbrite wasn’t an ideal choice for them. Plus, they recently found out Zeffy has a ticketing and event management solution.

Were happy to discover that Zeffy offers an event component, so we are excited about the prospect of using Zeffy for our upcoming events in the near future.
- UOttawa Annual Campaign

The results:

For now, UOttawa uses Zeffy mostly for fundraising initiatives like:

1. Class Giving, where they engage alumni to contribute towards a scholarship or a fund related to their field.

2. "In-memory of" campaigns to honour and remember alumni, students, and employees.

UOttawa also uses Zeffy as a valuable platform for raising awareness about important campaigns like "MS in Motion" and supporting student projects like "uORocketry," where students collaborate to build high-powered rockets as part of the CAN-RGX program.

Zeffy enables us to effectively engage our community and support diverse fundraising efforts, especially on social media or mass emails.
- UOttawa Annual Campaign

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